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Packaging, with its originality, reliability and cost effectiveness, is rightfully considered as one of the most effective trends in the struggle for customers. Major brands invest a lot in their products packaging to be ahead of competitors. Those who have timely and objective information on packaging market and its key trends get the great advantage. The Packaging News magazine has been the source of such information for 60 years.


Packaging News Russia is published under the license of the leading UK publishing house Haymarket. Packaging News has been the most popular packaging magazine in Britain for 60 years. ITC Publishing, the publisher of the Packaging News in Russia, has a 14-year-experience in publishing professional journals and has launched 12 successful projects. One of them, PrintWeek magazine, has been issued in Russia since 2005, also under Haymarkets license, and fast became the most popular and reputed branch publication among the Russian printing industrys professionals.


The Packaging News magazine is beeng distributed in Russia in accordance with the proved technologies, which brought sucess to it in Europe. Having filled up the subscription form, any industry professional will receive the magazine. The exact knowledge about the readership is the keystone of success of a b2b magazine.


The Packaging News readers regularly receive the information, necessary to their business. Every month with the Packaging News you can analyze market trends, learn about competitors plans, and examine months results. Now you neednt wait for the next years trade show in order to learn more about new equipment.