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b12-8648598F1 Racing is the world’s biggest, most widely read, most popular motorsport magazine. Published in 18 different languages in 22 countries worldwide, it is by far the world’s best-selling Formula 1 publication and enjoys a towering reputation for incisive, insightful editorial and magnificent photography.

From March 2004 we propose our readers Russian language F1 Racing with circulation more than 50 000 every month.

Since launching in 1996, F1 Racing has successfully established itself within the international Formula 1 community, thus enabling us to gain unprecedented access to this often secretive world. For our readers, F1 Racing has striven to develop and maintain the very best levels of coverage leveraging the expertise and knowledge. We regularly secure exclusive, insightful interviews with drivers and senior team personnel, and are the only magazine ever to have taken readers inside a race weekend driver briefing. We’ve even built an F1 engine — a world first of which we are justifiably proud. Our mission is to get under the skin of F1, to discover what the drivers and team members do to relax, how they train and what they on their (infrequent) days off. Every month we produce entertaining, illuminating and in-depth behind-thescenes stories. It’s the most important reason why F1 Racing is the world’s best-selling motorsport magazine.

F1 Racing takes the art of motorsport photography new level. We use only the best photographers to illustrate our pages. Our regular contributors include Darren Heath, Paul-Henri Cahier, Hoch Zwei and LAT, the world’s greatest motorsport picture library. There is no sport more photogenic than Formula 1, and F1 Racing takes advantage of this by regularly using cutting-edge photographers from the worlds of fashion and music to invigorate our pages and give readers fresh perspective.

F1 Racing offers advertisers motorsport’s premium vehicle for brand promotion. Since launch we have evolved with our clients, offering F1 sponsors tightly focused solutions to promote their involvement with the sport. We also provide non-sponsors with the perfect vehicle to build a platform and an association with the sport. F1 Racing has worked with the majority of F1 sponsors as a key pillar of their promotional strategy. For many clients this has developed above and beyond simply advertising in the magazine, extending to the creation of bespoke websites, magazines and books in recent years.

F1 Racing’s international clients have included: Toyota, Siemens, Sony, Vodafone British Airways, Goodyear, Panasonic, Castrol, Hugo Boss, Renault, Michelin, Volkswagen, Seiko, Allianz, Breitling, BAT, HSBC, TAG Heuer, HP and many others very huge brands.