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b12-6572581The «What Hi-Fi? Звук и Видео» magazine has been published in the Russian language under the Haymarket Consumer Publications (UK) license (Ukrainian Edition since March 2002 and Russian Edition since October 2002). It consists of two major sections that are tightly interrelated v Editorial materials and Buying guide. The Editorial coverage that includes Supertests, Group and First tests is prepared by highly qualified experts. They compare the Hi-Fi and Home Cinema products in different price categories and star-rate them. The magazine also provides the readers with the events outside and inside the Ukrainian market, exhibitions and presentations and interviews with interesting Hi-Fi personalities. The Buying guide are «source of knowledge of the editorial board» and contains the results of all tests for the previous period. «What Hi-Fi? Звук и Видео» is a full-color, glossy and richly illustrated 160 pages, and is aimed at the wide Hi-Fi audio/video readership. The total circulation in Ukraine is 13,000 copies and in Russia 30,000 copies. The magazine is distributed in Ukraine and Russia nationwide through newsstands and shops as well as by subscription and courier delivery.