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b12-9783815The goal of Mobility magazine is to help the reader navigate through the variety of products available today in mobile market and choose the product that satisfies his needs the best. We are covering mobile phones, pocket PCs and palmtops, laptops as well as services and accessories that come with these products.

The products by themselves allow for better lifestyle, but their usage in combination creates a truly mobile individual, who can work efficiently and rest actively at any time at any location.

Mobility will give readers the latest news, products review and analysis of services from operators. We are concentrate on finding the best gadgets and smartest deals.

When we were writing the Buyer’s Guide, we enlisted 96-128 mobile phone models that are currently selling. We work for readers who want to make an educated choice, find out all they can about the product that interests them, analyze all pros and cons and then buy exactly what’s needed. But few rational consumers nowadays buy a gadget and withdraw from the market forever. When you’re done with one decision (what to buy), another one arrive — what can you add to the high-tech toy, how can you use it in the most efficient way and perhaps expand the capabilities. Mobility is telling the readers about new ways to use their devices, existing software products for the device and solutions to common problems.