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Hot Line price internet-catalogue is a new project developed by ITC Publishing. The catalogue’s predecessor is the weekly magazine of the same name which has been produced for 13 years. Hot Line is focused on the most up-dated computer accessories and hardware; office facilities; photo, video and audio equipment; mobile phones. In the nearest future Hot Line editors are planning to extend the target group of goods and facilities, offering rich division which might include advertising and proposing wide choice of video films, music production, computer software, household appliances and automobiles. Moreover, general distribution territory will be extended as well: here new organizations and trading network of different Ukrainian regions are welcomed to participate.

The catalogue is designed to meet the needs of any end user: computer or digital camera one. Besides, any distributor or wholesale customer may get the most of the project either. Hot Line is a powerful and efficient marketing instrument, indeed, and is able to meet the wishes of every market participant, because the catalogue possesses the vast range of goods and propositions; thanks to well-developed search net, any information may be found with ease; the prices fixed for advertisement space are the most competitive; and what’s more, the access is free of charge, therefore, one may get the latest information via internet anytime just sitting before a computer or using a mobile phone.

The information is up-dated everyday and the number of price-lists is unlimited.

Web-site –

In order to place your price-list on Web-server of simply fax the filled form to 8 044 270-22-22 or mail to or fill the form on-line. Within a day our manager will contact you and specify payment and ad placing conditions.