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Hi-Fi News (Hi-Fi Show & Home Theater News, Install Show) is an annual project sponsored by What Hi-Fi? Sound and Video magazine and Midexpo trade show company. The expo publication is an indispensable part of any leading trade show. Hi-Fi News is a full-colored 32-page publication prepared by a team of What Hi-Fi? journalists during the first day of the expo. The newspaper contains all the news, product updates and first impressions from the trade show.

Hi-Fi News is distributed for free for the three-day duration of the public access (the paper is not available on the first day of the trade show, open only to industry insiders). Walking through the exhibition floor it’s not hard to spot majority of attendees reading Hi-Fi News. The paper contains detailed information about the exciting new products as well as map of the trade show. The show itself expands every year, and it’s a known problem that sometimes visitors cannot find the proper booth.

The first issue was published during Hi-fi Show 2003. Our experience shows that such a trade show guide proved to be quite effective, as it allows the attendees to walk through more booths and not miss the newest and the most interesting products. The readers generally keep the catalog and the paper even as the show is over. The catalog contains the contact information on manufacturers and distributors, the paper lists the hottest new products of the year in the hi-fi and home theater categories.