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b06-9892767What is Gameplay?

Gameplay is the most important component of any game.

Gameplay ( is the first Ukrainian monthly glossy magazine with DVD entirely devoted to computer and video games.

Our target group is mostly gamers, who want to get the latest news on upcoming hits, games on sale, events and people in the industry.

Our goal is to establish an entertaining, popular, high-end in-house game magazine and become leader in this sector.

Gameplay is made for people, who are interested in computer and video games, namely:

  • hardcore gamers — true game fans. They own powerful game stations (usually both PC and consoles), read game magazines, surf web for hottest news and purchase about 5-6 games each month;
  • Casual gamers, who consider games to be one of their hobbies. These people usually purchase 2-3 products each month and take game magazines as a combination of buyers guide and leisure reading.

The target group of Gameplay can be described with the following data:

  • sex — male (75-80% of the readership);
  • age — 14-30;
  • education — higher and secondary;
  • personal income — well-off, middle and up middle class;
  • residents of Kiev and Kiev district (40-45%), metropolises (35-40%);
  • occupation — pupils, students, employees;
  • readers buy magazine to read about upcoming releases (40-50%), use as a buyers guide (50-60%).